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Tidy Dog Will Be At Super Zoo 2019!

May 11, 2020

Las Vegas, NV – Tidy Dog and our revolutionary TROFF® Bowls will be in Booth #4279 at Super Zoo this year! Come and join us on August 20-22, 2019 at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, as we meet up with some of the best pet professionals in North America!
Check out our astonishing brand-new products and grab one for your tail-wagging friend. Pet owners and professionals from all over the world will be attending this grand event. Accompany us and gain insights on everything from the art of grooming to marketing methods.

In the case of many breeds, the impractical use of most dog bowls results in a messy muzzle and ears. This is more than just a comfort concern for your beloved best friend. Moisture and bits of food picked up at dinnertime can linger in your dog’s fur; welcoming infections, mildew, ear mites and more!

Our Tidy Dog TROFF® Bowl was created with an innovative design that sets it apart from other food and water bowls being sold. The TROFF® Bowl helps your dog remain in good health by staying clean and cozy; helping you avoid those expensive visits to the vet!

Tidy Dog understands how detrimental regular food and water bowls can be to your dog’s health and comfort. That’s why this revolutionary TROFF® Bowl is armed with contoured inner walls and a concave, cornerless bottom. These features complement this natural process as the TROFF® Bowl allows displaced food and water to fall right back to the center of the bowl. As your dog eats or drinks, their next bite is always exactly where they expect it to be! And their last “slurp” is just as easy as the first.

So come to Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, NV, August 20-22, and join us at Super Zoo 2019! Visit us at our Tidy Dog Booth #4279 and give your long-eared friend the gift of a lifetime!