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The Tidy Dog TROFF® is Taking Off!

July 1, 2020

The TROFF® Feeding System is Taking Off!

The Tidy Dog TROFF® Bowl is the worlds most perfect dog bowl. Our owner, David has a poodle named Eddie who, sadly, dealt with ear infections. Tired of wasting time and money on dog bowls and vet visits, David decided to take things into his own hands. Thus the TROFF® Feeding System  was born!

What in the World is a TROFF® Bowl?

The TROFF® Feeding System was created with an innovative design that sets it apart from other food and water bowls being sold. The TROFF® Bowl helps your dog stay in good health, clean and cozy; helping you avoid those expensive visits to the vet!

Why Your Pooch NEEDS a TROFF® Bowl

In the case of many breeds, the impractical use of most dog bowls results in a messy muzzle and ears. As you know, this is more than just a comfort concern for your beloved best friend. Moisture and bits of food picked up at dinnertime can linger in your dog’s fur, welcoming infections, mildew, ear mites and more!

Most bowls’ bottoms are wide and flat, which means more strife and untidiness for your dog as they struggle to reach the bottom of their food or water bowl. Displaced food is continuously pushed around the bowl and water ends up impossibly spread out. This leaves your dog left mashing their face down into the bowl to finish what’s left. 

So How Does the TROFF® Feeding System Work?    

This revolutionary TROFF® Bowl is armed with contoured inner walls and a concave, cornerless bottom. These features complement this natural process as the TROFF® Bowl allows displaced food and water to fall right back to the center of the bowl. As your dog eats or drinks, their next bite is always exactly where they expect it to be! And their last “sip” is just as easy as the first.

Many pet owners praise the TROFF® Bowl’s narrow elliptic profile, which is distinctively designed to keep food and water out of your Pooches’ ears. This is achieved by diverting their ears, comfortably, to each side of the bowl during use!

Finally, the TROFF® Bowl is equipped with a cantilevered handle and wide base. Rubber floor grips, along with its sturdy polypropene body, make the bowl easy to set down and hard to tip over. This keeps your floor as tidy as your dog!

Pick Up a TROFF® Bowl for Your Pup!

Tidy Dog’s TROFF® Bowl is a guaranteed MUST for your best friend’s health and comfort. The TROFF® Bowl ensures a hygienic, natural way for your dog to lap their food and water cleanly and safely. By visiting the Tidy Dog website, you can be sure to find the cream of the crop in pet products and transform your dog into Super Dog!

Tidy Dog offers not just the TROFF® Bowl; their Smokey Mountain Food Riser is a must-have as well! And since you’re so in love with your best bud and have already come this far, personalization kits are available too!

The personalization kit includes two custom decals. Now you can swap out the Tidy Dog logo badges with photos of your pooch! Throw on a custom nameplate or anything else you can imagine!

Any Pet Store Owners in the House?

Are you the owner of a pet shop and have an interest in obtaining the TROFF® Feeding System products for your store? Tidy Dog offers Retailer Packs which bundles TROFF® Bowls and personalization kits. Custom display stands are available as well for the display of Tidy Dog’s Pet Products!

Act Today for Puppy’s Sake

Take a minute or two out of your day today, stop by and check out the Tidy Dog TROFF® Bowl. Ordering the TROFF® Bowl is simple and easy to do. So go for it! Today, decide to keep your dog happy, healthy and comfortable. Pick up a Tidy Dog TROFF® Bowl for your pup and give them that super sense of ‘Puppy Power!’… Fido will love you for it.