Tennessee Jerky


ROASTER PORK…..we start with the highest quality sliced whole pork and then slow cooked to bring out the savory roasted aroma that can drive puppies and adult dogs wild.


The Best Kept Secret in Jerky

MEATY CRAVINGS…..Tidy Dog’s Tennessee Jerky may cause your best friend to run around in circles and howl at the moon. Don’t worry these Reactions are in their DNA.

David Price, founder of TIDY DOG was born in 1943 and raised on a farm in Tennessee. David slept next to the upstairs window till he was seven (7) years old. They strung up their hogs on the coldest day of the year and made Ham. Sausage, Bacon and Jerky. Then stored them in their “Smoke House” for later use. TIDY DOG Tennessee Jerky is made in Tennessee 18 miles from our old homestead.


We stand behind all of our products