Our Mission


The Tidy Dog line features a variety of premium, innovative products, with a focus on the health, hygiene and emotional wellness of our best friends. These products are specially designed to awaken a pet's natural instincts and are available exclusively at pet specialty retailers, veterinary clinics, independent pet shops and our website, tidydog.com. No other brand offers products specifically designed to foster a healthy relationship between pets and their human parents.


Tidy Dog Pet Products has unveiled its debut product line with its patented TROFF® Bowl, a revolutionary dog bowl conceived with wellness and preventive healthcare in mind.

The TROFF® Bowl's contoured inner walls are designed to return displaced food and water to the bowl's lowest point as dogs eat and drink, while its elliptic profile allows long ears to hang off to either side during use. Coupled with the TROFF'S® wide base and sturdy FDA approved polypropylene construction, these features promote a cleaner, easier doggie dinnertime, while discouraging the spread of unwanted moisture and bacteria.

"The TROFF® bowl was inspired by my poodle Eddie, whose constant ear infections were driving both of us crazy," says Tidy Dog founder and CEO David Price. “I couldn’t find a bowl that kept his ears clean and dry, so I decided to design one myself. Now we’ve gone more than three years without another infection, and Tidy Dog is eager to bring every dog owner the same simple tool to help keep our best friends happy and healthy.”

Made In The USA!

Many people feel their dogs are not just pets -- they are members of the family. So why risk their health by exposing them to foreign ingredients and materials in their food, supplies or toys?

As proud Americans at Tidy Dog, we feel that it is an absolute necessity to support products that have been made by US employees. Our paws-itively perfect pet products are made paw-sible right here in the USA.

Product Development

Our unique product-design process began by examining the health, behavioral and lifestyle needs of pets and pet parents. We found innovative ways to fill these needs by offering highly marketable, protective USA-made products that are distributed in veterinary clinics, independent retail
outlets and on this website.

Quality Assurance

Tidy Dog utilizes thorough safety standards that are a routine part of every product's development and ongoing life cycle. These safety standards were developed using the "Best of the Best" product-testing standards.

Customer Service

Tidy Dog's dedicated customer service representatives are available via a toll-free number or email and can field general inquiries as well as those about product setup and usage or warranty and replacement questions.

MAPP Pricing

If you're in the manufacturing/retail world, then you know all about Minimum Advertised Pricing Policies or MAPP. The standard rationale is that in order to better protect brands from price erosion and brick-and-mortar stores from "free-riding' Internet sellers and dwindling profit margins, manufacturers are creating policies that state the lowest price at which their products may be advertised.

With minimum advertised pricing policies, we're able to even the playing field between brick-and-mortar and online retailers.

Meet Our People

I'm David Price, founder of Tidy Dog Pet Products company. I founded Tidy Dog with an important mission: to create meaningful innovations to promote the physical and emotional wellness of our four-legged best friends, our dogs.

David Price


Tim Chaffin


Adriana Chaffin


Director of Operations Tim Chaffin communicates daily with Founder/CEO David Price to assess the myriad needs of our organization, enforcing company systems and processes and cultivating the appropriate strategies to implement them.

Social Media Manager Adriana Chaffin creates consistent, informative content on all our social-media platforms and also fields any questions or complaints that arise. She interprets the data and then formulates a plan to increase the effectiveness of these campaigns.

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