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Tidy Dog Pet Products has unveiled its debut product line with their patent-pending Troff Bowl, a revolutionary dog bowl conceived with wellness & preventive healthcare in mind.

The Troff Bowl’s contoured inner walls are designed to return displaced food & water to the bowl’s lowest point as dogs eat and drink, while its elliptic profile allows long ears to hang off to either side during use. Coupled with the Troff’s wide base and sturdy polypropene construction, these features promote a cleaner, easier doggie dinnertime while discouraging the spread of unwanted moisture and bacteria.

“The Troff bowl was inspired by my poodle Eddie, whose constant ear infections were driving both of us crazy,” says Tidy Dog founder and CEO David Price. “I couldn’t find a bowl that kept his ears clean and dry, so I decided to design one myself. Now we’ve gone more than three years without another infection, and Tidy Dog is eager to bring every dog owner the same simple tool to help keep our best friends happy and healthy.”

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The World Most Perfect Dog Bowl

The Tidy Dog TROFF Bowl is designed with your dog’s health and comfort in mind.

When your dog steps up to the TROFF Bowl, its food or water slides right back down to the center of the bowl with every lap. That’s less struggle for your pet… and less mess for you to clean up.

The TROFF Bowl’s sleek, sturdy design also makes it easy to set down… and hard to tip over.

Appeals to Dog DNA

Our Troff Bowl is designed to help with their hygiene, by keeping their nose, muzzle and ears out of their food and water. Its inner contours are specially designed to compliment your dog’s most natural instinct: to lap their food and water cleanly.

The Struggle is Real

In a regular dog bowl this lapping motion pushes food off to the side, and gets the food or water on their muzzle and ears, while wide, flat bottoms can leave them struggling for the last few ounces of water. Leaving you another mess to clean .

Finally a Solution

But most importantly, its narrow profile keeps their ears and muzzle
hair out of the bowl while eating or drinking, which will discourage the spread of bad bacteria and moisture keeping you and your dog away from the vet.

Meet Our People


I’m David Price, founder of Tidy Dog Pet Products company.  I founded Tidy Dog with an important mission: to create meaningful innovations to promote the physical and emotional wellness of our best friends, our dogs.

David Price

Tidy Dog Founder/CEO

Tim Chaffin

Tim Chaffin

Director of Operations

Our Director of Operations is an executive leader who assess’ the needs of an organization and takes action attending to improve them.  Tim communicates and works with David Price the Founder/CEO on a daily basis to implement and enforce company systems and processes.

Adriana Chaffin

Social Media Manager

Our Social Media Manager creates consistent, meaningful content on all of our social media platforms as well as act quickly and gracefully to resolve any customer complaints or criticisms posted on social media. Adriana is able to interpret the results and take action to increase effectiveness of social media campaigns.

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