Tidy Dog Double Bowl 2

What Makes The TROFF® Feeding System So Different?

  • Sturdy bottom holds bowl firmly in place
  • Guides food and water to the center of the bowl
  • Keeps feeding area tidy
  • Ensures long, floppy ears fall to the sides of the bowl -- keeping ears dry and reducing risk of ear infections
  • Fights bad breath and helps prevent dental issues, which could lead to high vet bills

The TROFF® Feeding System


Our patented feeding systems consist of the four products shown below, designed to fit every size, breed and personality. All of our products are made in the USA, with the goal of developing and marketing high-quality, innovative products that improve the health, safety and comfort of our best friends.

Troff Bowl
Troff Mat
Troff Canteen
Troff Food Riser

Personalize Your TROFF® Bowl


Send us a photo and the name of your pet. We will reformat the images and send you back waterproof, sun-resistant vinyl decals.

Veterinarian Tested & Approved

I am pleased to report my impression of the Tidy Dog TROFF® Bowl. We have used it in our own kennel as well as with our clients' pets in a home setting. Several breeds participated in our trial, including a cocker spaniel, a basset hound and an English bulldog. All the feedback has been positive. The innovative bowl design is great for keeping long ears out of the food or water. It also helps keep the mustache and muzzle cleaner and drier. The bowl is very easy to clean and holds up well in the dishwasher.

I am anxious to see the bowls available to recommend and sell in our practice.


Keep Your Dog Healthy & Happy

Our innovative dog bowls help keep you and your pet out of the vet!

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