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Introducing the
World's Most Perfect Dog Bowl
the Troff Bowl

Our Innovative design keeps your dog’s food & water right where they want it . . . and it helps keep you from the vet!

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User Reviews

A MUST for Long Eared Dogs!

Since using his bowl, my dog’s ears stay dry and he has not hasd any chronic ear infections. It is amazing how he lines himself up to the bowl correctly no matter how I turn it. this bowl is a MUST for long eared dogs!


Venice, Fl

It's Attractive and Works Well!

We found the Troff Bowl to be quite efficient for our puppy with long ears. We’ve experienced a major reduction in cleanup after he drinks from this unique shaped bowl. It’s attractive and works well. We’d certainly recommend this new shape bowl to anyone who has pets, not only a puppy.

Debbie & Willie

Knoxville, Tennessee

No Problem Finishing All of His Food.

I really like how compact the bowl is, and it doesnt slide around the floor. You can put food and water Troff Bowls in the same space as a single round bowl. Fred had no problem finishing all of his food.



Fresno, Ca

It Kept His Ears Out of the Bowl.

I tried the bowl out for two weeks. I have a Bassett Hound, English Bulldog, and a Jack Russell. All 3 digs seemed to like the bowl. At first they were eating over the side of the bowl, but then began to eat from the end. All in all, I liked the design especially for the Bassett. It kept his ears out of the bowl.


Colorado Springs, CO

Veterinarian Tested 
Veterinarian Approved


Angela Snow DVM

Clinton Highway Veterinary Hospital, TN

I am pleased to report my impression of the Tidy Dog Troff Bowl. We have Used it in our own kennel and with our clients pets in a home setting. Several breeds were used in our trial including a Cocker Spaniel, a Basset Hound and an English Bulldog. All the feedback has been positive. The Innovative bowl design is great for keeping  long ears out of the food or water. It also helps keep the moustache and muzzle cleaner and drier. The bowl is very easy to clean and holds up well in the dishwasher.

I am anxious to see the bowls available to recommend and sell in our practice.


Personalize Your Dog's Bowl


Simply email in your pets picture. We will resize the picture and mail it to you with a removable clear plastic cover which snaps into place to protect your customized decals.


Unique modifications to each side of the troff bowl are ready for decals allow you to personalize it.

Sports Team Logos

Sport Fans really love this feature, adapt for football, baseball, NBA, pro or college

Clear Plastic Cover

Includes removable clear plastic cover which snaps into place to protect your customized decals.

Add Your Pets Name

Send in your photos, and we will resize them and return them to you, ready to install.

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Food Riser

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Can't Knock These Bowls Over

A sturdy stand keeps your dog’s food and water from ending up on the floor in a big mess. Weighs over 3 lbs to prevent strong dogs from nudging bowls around the floor and tipping the contents out.
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